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Characters or designs are often outlined first, then piped in with stars or zigzags. Outlines can also be used for facial features.


Difficulty: Easy


Step 1

Fit decorating bag with decorating tip and fill 1/4 full or less with thin consistency icing.

Step 2

Hold the decorating bag at a 45° angle at 3:00 (9:00 for left-handed decorators) with tip slightly above the surface.

Step 3

Touch tip to surface and squeeze so that icing attaches to surface. Continue squeezing with even pressure and raise tip slightly above surface, guiding icing into desired shape.

Step 4

To end, stop squeezing, touch tip to surface and pull tip away.

Step 5


When outlining, thinning the icing with piping gel or light corn syrup adds elasticity.

Can be done with round or star tips, depending on whether perfectly round or ridged outlines are desired.

Bag position and angle may need to be adjusted for different shapes.

It’s best to start outlining at the top of a pattern working down to the bottom. This keeps your arm from covering the pattern.

A toothpick is helpful for removing mistakes while outlining.