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Morning Glory

The Morning Glory starts with overpiped white cup center, topped by a colorful ruffled edge. Smooth together with a slightly damp brush—touch brush to your hand before applying.


Difficulty: Medium


Step 1

Bag Position: For Ruffled Cup, 45° at 3:00 (9:00 for left handed); For Stamen, 90°. Hold Tip: For Inner Flower Cup, Wide and Narrow Ends Touching Surface; For Petals, Wide End Touching Top of Nail. Line 1 5/8 inch lily nail with foil. Mark your nail with dots of icing, dividing it into 5 sections.

Step 2

Use tip 104 and white icing first. Position wide end of tip down in nail. Squeeze as you turn the nail to pipe a shallow cup within the nail. Pipe a second cup slightly above the first one. Smooth with a damp brush.

Step 3

Using blue tinted icing and tip 103, wide end down and slightly overlapping the top edge of the white icing, pipe a ruffled cup by increasing pressure at the 5 icing marks to form points.

Step 4

With dampened decorator brush, blend blue tinted icing into white center, brushing down into a "V" shape between the points. Next, brush white icing up in the center of each point to form a star shape.

Step 5

Using tip 1 and thin consistency white Royal Icing, pipe five lines from base of flower to edge. Pipe long pointed tip 2 dot center stamen using yellow icing.