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Lily of the Valley

Lily of the Valley boasts charming tiny blossoms descending from a broad curving leaf. The bell-shaped flowers and curved leaf each require attention to pressure control.


Difficulty: Medium


Step 1

Tint thinned icing with leaf green icing color. Fit one decorating bag with coupler and leaf decorating tip 70 and fill 1/2 full or less with green tinted icing. Fit second bag with specialty decorating tip 81 and fill 1/4 full or less with white icing.

Step 2

Hold the decorating bag with tip 70 at a 45° angle at 1:00 (7:00 for left-handed decorators) lightly touching the surface. Squeeze the decorating bag, letting icing build up slightly for a broad width. Starting at the base of the leaf and piping toward the narrow end, move tip upward, curve to the right and gradually decrease pressure to bring leaf to a point. Stop squeezing; pull tip away.

Step 3

Change tip on decorating bag to round decorating tip 2. Holding the decorating bag at a 45° angle at 3:00 (9:00 for left-handed decorators), squeeze an outline stem along the center of leaf, moving off to an angle. Pipe short curvy secondary stems outward from the main stem.

Step 4

For blossoms, use decorating bag with white icing and tip 81. Hold the decorating bag at a 30° angle at 3:00 (9:00 for left-handed decorators). Squeeze with light pressure above surface with inner curve of tip facing you. While squeezing, turn wrist clockwise (counterclockwise for left-handed decorators) to press out a curve of icing. When a tiny bell shape is formed, stop squeezing; lightly touch tip to surface. Give an additional quick squeeze, stop and lift away.

Step 5

Change decorating bag with green icing to round decorating tip 1. Pipe tip 1 dot stamen in center of white petal.

Step 6


Lily of the Valley can be shown in a spray or on a vine.

To create a 3D leaf effect, angle the top edge of the decorating tip 70 to about a 45° angle. The greater the angle, the more dimension your leaf will have.

If your tip 70 leaf splits when piped, slightly open the points on the tip.