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Lily of the Valley

Lily of the Valley boasts charming tiny blossoms descending from a broad curving leaf. The bell-shaped flowers and curved leaf each require attention to pressure control.

4.5 Average of 2 ratings

Difficulty: Medium
Average of 2 reviews


Step 1

Position: Leaf and stems: Bag: 45° angle at 3:00 (9:00). Blossoms: Bag: 30° angle at 4:30 (7:30). Cut bag to fit coupler, fill with green icing and attach tip 70 to coupler. Squeeze out icing, letting it build up slightly for a broad width. Move upward, curve to right and gradually stop pressure to bring leaf to a point.

Step 2

Add tip 2 stem along center of leaf, moving off to an angle. Pipe short green secondary stems outward from the main stem.

Step 3

For blossoms, use tip 81 in bag filled with white icing. Squeeze with light pressure ABOVE surface with inner curve of tip facing you. Press out a curve of icing and continue squeezing until a tiny bell shape is formed. Stop pressure. Lightly touch tip to surface, give an additional quick squeeze, stop and lift away. Add two tip 1 stamens to center.