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The Lily looks best when petals are more pointed. If petals split while piping, slightly widen tip with a thin spatula. Or, add a teaspoon of piping gel to 1 cup stiff royal icing.

4.6 Average of 15 ratings

Difficulty: Medium
Average of 12 reviews


Step 1

Line 1 5/8 inch lily nail with foil. Use tip 68. Bag position: for petals, 45° at 3:00 (9:00); For center, 90°. Hold tip: For petals, lightly touching surface of nail, wide opening parallel to surface; for center, slightly above flower. Touch center well of nail with tip and squeeze, pulling petal up and over edge of foil cup. Decrease pressure as you reach end of petal and hesitate before you stop pressure and pull tip away, drawing petal to a point.

Step 2

Pipe two more petals.

Step 3

Pipe three more petals in between open spaces.

Step 4

For center, hold bag at 90° angle. Hold tip slightly above flower. Add tip 14 star center and push in stamens.

Step 5

NOTE: Stamens are not to be eaten.