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For a life-like Lilac, tiny blossoms are attached in clusters over an elongated shell-shaped base. Arrange them on a cake top to create a memorable springtime treat!


Difficulty: Medium


Step 1

In Royal Icing, on Flower Nail with a waxed paper square, pipe four tiny rounded petals with tip 59 or 101s. You can pipe several 4-petal groups at the same time if you like. Let dry thoroughly.

Step 2

Make a base for the flowers in buttercream and arrange on your cake. Pipe a tip 32 upside down elongated shell. (The tail/tip of the shell will be the top of the lilac cluster.) Overpipe for more dimension if needed.

Step 3

Attach petal groups to shells with dots of icing, covering completely, forming a lilac cluster of flowers.

Pipe 352 leaves and tip 2 stems