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A variety of leaves will help give your cakes a more realistic garden feel. Add piping gel to your icing to help keep your leaves from breaking.


Difficulty: Easy


Step 1

Prepare the decorating bag with desired tip; each tip listed will create a different size and style of leaf. Fill bag 1/2 full with medium consistency buttercream (thin slightly with corn syrup). Squeeze hard to build up the base and, at the same time, lift the tip slightly. The bag is at a 45° angle at 6:00. Lightly touch surface with wide opening parallel to surface.

(Basic Leaf Tip 352 pictured to left)

Step 2

Relax pressure as you pull the tip toward you, drawing the leaf to a point.

(Large Leaf Tip 366 pictured to left)

Step 3

Stop squeezing and lift away.

(Veined Leaf Tip 67 pictured to left)