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Half Carnation

The Half Carnation achieves the beautiful ruffled effect of a full carnation, piped directly on your cake. Be sure to use stiff consistency icing to hold each petal’s shape.

4.1 Average of 10 ratings

Difficulty: Somewhat Easy
Average of 4 reviews


Step 1

Bag Position: Center Petal, 45° at 6:00; Side Petals, 45° at 4:30 (left) petals and 7:30 (right) petals. Hold tip: wide end touching surface, narrow end straight up. Make the center petal: With wide end touching the surface and narrow end straight up, start squeezing, moving tip straight up and down in a jiggling motion. Stop squeezing and pull away.

Step 2

Make the side petals: With bag at 4:30, place the wide end of tip at the base of the first petal and squeeze out two left side petals using the same jiggle motion. For two right side petals, place bag at 7:30 and squeeze in the same fashion, to form a fan-shaped row of petals.

Step 3

With bag at 4:30 and slightly above surface, pipe 2 ruffled petal between each petal, repeat with bag at 7:30 position. Add tip 3 calyx, with bag at 45 degree in 6:00 position, let icing build up then gradually decrease pressure as you pull away to form stem.