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Gum Paste Rose

Individual hand-shaped petals are the secret to the incredible realism of Gum Paste Roses. Gum paste can be rolled very thin, yet hold its shape. As a result, your flowers will have texture and form that rivals nature.


Difficulty: Somewhat Easy


Step 1

Make rose bases. Roll a 5/8 in. ball of gum paste and form into a teardrop shape, 1 1/4 in. high. Dip toothpick in adhesive and insert in bottom of base. Insert toothpick in craft block and let dry 48 hours.

Step 2

Roll out gum paste 1/16 in. thick. For 20 small roses, use tulip petal cutter from Flower Making Set to cut 1 petal for each; cut petal into 3 separate petals.

Step 3

Place petals horizontally on thin foam dusted with cornstarch. Soften top petal edge with medium ball tool from Fondant Gumpaste Tool set.

Step 4

Brush back of petals from midpoint down with adhesive. Wrap petals around base to form the bud for each rose.

Step 5

Cut another set of 3 petals to add to each base. Slightly widen and elongate each petal using modeling stick. Turn petals so the rounded end is the top of petal and the point is the bottom. Soften top half of petal edge with ball tool on thin foam. Turn petals over. Add adhesive to bottom half of petals; position and press into rose base. This completes the small rose.

Step 6

For medium and large roses, cut and attach a second row of 5 petals. For larger roses, cut and attach a third row of 7 petals.