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Gum Paste Mum


Step 1

Spread thin film of shortening on Roll & Cut Mat. Roll out a small amount of colored gum paste very thin (less than 1/16 in.) Cut 3 small and 3 large shapes; place under flap of Practice Board.

Step 2

Remove 1 small shape from Practice Board. Move to thin foam. Use round end of thick pointed modeling tool to cup each petal by pulling it from the point to the base of each petal.

Step 3

Brush the Mum base with gum glue adhesive.

Step 4

Thread spaghetti with Mum base through center of petals. Press petals to base to attach.

Step 5

Brush gum glue adhesive on Mum base around spaghetti, extending to where petals separate from the base. Repeat with remaining 2 small shapes. Repeat with 3 large shapes.

Step 6

Place small Flower Forming Cup on top of an inverted foam drinking cup. Thread spaghetti through hole in Flower Former and press into foam cup to dry.