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Gum Paste Lily


Step 1

Roll out gum paste 1/16 in. thick. Cut 6 petals using tulip leaf cutter from Floral Collection Flower Making Set. Ruffle edges of 3 petals by placing petal on thin foam and rolling ball tool over edges.

Step 2

Cut florist wire to 6 in. Brush 1 1/2 in. of end with Gum Paste Adhesive. Wrap base of petal around wire; smooth. Repeat for all 6 petals. Set wire side down on large Flower Formers dusted with cornstarch to curve; let dry.

Step 3

Assemble lily, alternating smooth and ruffled petals, around 15 pearl stamens. Secure with white florist tape. Insert end in Flower Spike, securing with ball of gum paste if necessary.