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Gum Paste Flowers and Leaves


Step 1

Divide gum paste recipe into 4ths. Tint 1/4 Kelly Green/Moss Green combination and cut 40 leaves using cutter from Step-saving Rose Bouquet Flower Cutter Set (make extra to allow for breakage). Place leaves on thin foam and imprint veins using veining tool. Let dry in various positions on crumpled foil or bubble wrap dusted with cornstarch. Divide remaining gum paste in half; tint half light rose, half light violet. Cut 25 flowers in each color using small rose cutter from Step-saving set (make extras to allow for breakage). Using sharp knife, cut a 1/4 in. slit toward center on each petal division. Place flowers on thin foam; ruffle petal edges with ball tool. Let flowers dry in cornstarch-dusted cavities of Candy Melting Plate. Using dry brush, dust flowers and leaves with chalk grated through tea strainer. Pipe tip 2 dot centers in flowers. Set aside.