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You can pipe the fruit directly on your cake or cupcake in buttercream, then add your stems and leaves.


Difficulty: Easy


Step 1

Fit the decorating bag with Round Decorating Tip 3 and fill 1/2 full with consistency icing. Hold tip at 90 degree angle with the end of the tip slightly above surface. Start squeezing, applying steady even pressure. As the icing begins to build up, raise the tip with it, but keep its end buried in the icing. To complete your shape, stop squeezing as you bring the end of the tip to the surface.

Step 2

Pipe Round Decorating Tip 3 ball shapes, tightly together in purple icing.

Step 3

Add a Round Decorating Tip 3 stem in brown or green icing. Using Leaf Decorating Tip 352 pipe a leaf in green icing.