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Fun Flowers

Gum paste can be used to create both lifelike blossoms and these Fun Flowers. Take creative license with spiral icing swirls on petals and flower centers.


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Step 1

Solid rose blossom: Roll out tinted gum paste and cut blossoms using second smallest (2 1/2 in.) blossom cookie cutter. Using craft knife, cut between all petal divisions to 3/4 in. deep.

Step 2

Place flowers on foam and use ball tool from confectionery tool set to thin and fan out petals. Let dry in cornstarch-dusted Mini Ball Pan. For centers cut a 5/8 in. wide x 5 in. long strip of tinted gum paste. Roll up strip in four complete turns, pinching at bottom and trimming excess with each turn. Attach centers to flowers with gum paste adhesive (1tbsp meringue powder, 1 tbsp water, mix together).

Step 3

Using royal icing, pipe tip 2 swirls on solid rose petals. Attach flower to wrapped wire, using gumpaste, wet small amount of gumpaste with brush, position wire between flower and damp gumpaste, press together, let dry.

Step 4

Used in Dazzling Dimensions.