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Piped Bows

A piped bow is a pretty finishing touch for a cake, turning any treat into a sweet “gift”. Use a petal decorating tip and a figure 8 motion to create the loops and streamers.


Difficulty: Somewhat Easy


Step 1

Fit decorating bag with decorating tip. Fill decorating bag 1/2 full or less with icing.

Step 2

Hold the decorating bag at a 45° angle at 6:00, with wide end of tip touching surface and narrow end straight up. Starting at the center point of the bow, squeeze, moving the tip up and around to the left and back to the starting point.

Step 3

Continue around, making a second loop on the right. The two loops will form a figure 8 shape.

Step 4

To add a bow knot, after piping the bow loops hold the decorating bag so the tip opening is horizontal at the center of the bow. Squeeze, moving the tip from the top, over the bow loops, to the bottom. Stop squeezing; touch tip to surface. Complete the bow with streamers

Step 5

While holding the decorating bag in the same position, return to the center and squeeze out two streamers, moving away from the bow. For wavy streamers, move the decorating bag in a back and forth motion while piping the streamer.

Step 6


To change the look of a piped bow use a Round or Star Decorating Tip [use tip 5 (round) or tip 18 (star) for practice].