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About half the size of a dime, Forget-Me-Nots can be grouped on cake tops or used to accent smaller treats like petits fours. They grow naturally in blue, pink and white.

4.5 Average of 12 ratings

Difficulty: Somewhat Easy
Average of 8 reviews


Step 1

Hold tip with wide end of tip touching center of nail, narrow end pointing out and raised 1/8 inch above nail surface. Bag position is 45° at 3:00 (9:00). Squeeze bag with light pressure and move tip out 1/16 inch to form first petal. Turn nail, letting spin of nail form petal. Relax pressure as you move tip back to starting point. Stop, lift tip away.

Step 2

Repeat to make four more petals.

Step 3

Hold tip slightly above Flower Nail #9 with bag at 90°. Add tip 1 dot center.