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Figure Piping


Step 1

Using stiff royal icing, figure pipe children. Hold bag at a 90° angle and pipe tip 2A to pipe the upper torso.

Step 2

Tip 2A ball head. Tuck in tip and add tip 9 upright arms. Add tip 1, 2 and 3 details. Add tip 3 dot noses and pipe in ears. Add tip 1 outline or dot eyes and tip 2 outline mouths. Pipe tip 2 curly or pull-out hair.

Step 3

Follow the contour of the inner tube and pipe tip 2A torso and head, tip 9 legs and arms, tip 4 swim clothes, tip 2 dot hands, feet, fingers, toes and facial features.

Step 4

Secure two blocks of Styrofoam together with craft pins to create a seating platform on which to pipe figures. Cover with waxed paper and pin in place. Using tip 2A, pipe trunk of body; add tip 12 legs with shoes; tip 8 arms with tip 3 hands. Cut four 12 in. lengths of cord. Position cord on hands, allowing 4 in. cord to hang below; pipe fingers over hands to hold cord in place. Add tip 12 ball heads with tip 1 dot and string facial features; pipe tip 1 pull-out hair, tip 1 zigzag ponytail holders. Add tip 2 details to clothing and shoes.

Step 5

Secure a piece of cardboard at a 45° angle to Styrofoam block. Cover with waxed paper. Pipe kid using tips and directions above. Make swing seats: Cut two 1 in. x 2 in. pieces of cardboard, punch holes on each end for cord. Ice smooth with royal icing and let dry.

Step 6

On waxed paper, pipe back first, then front. With tip 12, pipe a circle for lower torso; using heavy pressure, pull out legs. Smooth with finger dipped in cornstarch. Pipe a tip 12 circle for upper body, overlapping pants, then pull out arms using heavy pressure. Pipe tip 2 pull-out hair. Let dry completely. Pipe tip 2 ball hands, dot fingers, and shoes and additional pull-out hair. Add tip 2 dot and string facial features.