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Eyelet Lace

Fondant panels take on the delicate beauty of an embroidered cloth using an Eyelet Lace technique. The narrow end of a tip cuts precise holes; use tip 1s to add finely woven details.


Difficulty: Medium


Step 1

Trace Top and Side Eyelet Lace Panel Patterns on freezer paper for each cake size. Roll out fondant on surface covered with confectioners' sugar. Cut out 6 Side panels and 1 Top Panel for each tier, using sharp knife.

Step 2

Using small opening of tip 8, cut eyelet holes in Side Panel scallops; using small opening of tip 5, cut eyelet holes in Top panel scallops. Position side panels on cake, attaching with lightly damp brush; place 2 in. from bottom of cake and trim if necessary. To blend corners of panels, dip finger into shortening and rub over fondant. Position top panel, attaching with damp brush; smooth on top of cake.

Step 3

Edge Side panel scallops with tip 1s beads and decorate panels with tip 1s outline and bead trim. Edge Top panel scallops with tip 1s outlines and add tip 1s outline and bead trim around eyelet holes.