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Working with fondant is much like shaping figures out of clay. These impish Elves, supported by lollipop sticks and wooden skewers hidden inside, bring seasonal flavor to your table.


Difficulty: Medium


Step 1

Divide 12 oz. white fondant and tint 9 oz. light copper, a very small amount black, a very small amount rose, reserve some white. Also use red and green from the Primary Color Variety Pack.

Step 2

For Small Elves: Roll 7/8 in. copper ball head, 3/8 in. copper ball neck and 7/8 in. green ball body. Shape body into 1 in. long log. Roll two 1/2 in. red ball shoes, form into "V" shapes. Roll 1/2 in. green cone hat. Cut two lollipop sticks to 1/2 in. long for legs. Cut wooden skewer to 3 in. long for center support.

Step 3

Assemble as follows, brushing pieces with water where needed to attach: Shape head into egg shape. Pull up a peak in center of head for nose. Cut a slit under nose and pull down for mouth. Roll a tiny piece of rose fondant, shape into tongue and attach. Push head onto skewer. From bottom of skewer, push on neck and body. Insert lollipop sticks under body, on each side of skewer for legs. Wrap each leg in green fondant. Insert shoes over bottom of legs. Roll out 2 green logs 1 1/2 in. long, attach to body for arms. Form a small piece of copper fondant into tear shape for ears. Flatten slightly, with end of skewer make indent for inside ear. Attach to sides of head with damp brush.

Step 4

Roll two 3/8 in. copper ball hands; attach to ends of arms. Imprint fingers with edge of knife. Shape arms to hold stamp. Using tiny pieces of white, trim outfit, make eyes and beard. Add tiny pieces of black for eyes. Attach hat, add fur trim and pompom. Push skewer into craft block and set aside to dry.

Step 5

For Medium Elves: Assemble following the small Elf directions, with these changes. Use 1 1/4 in. copper ball for head, 3/8 in. copper ball for neck, 1 1/4 in. green ball for body-shape into 1 in. long log. Cut lollipop sticks to 2 in. and 2 1/2 in. long for legs (the longer leg will be inserted into the cake top). Cut skewer 4 in. long. Shoes, hat, hands and facial features are the same as the small Elf. Arms are 2 in. logs of fondant with a 1 3/4 in. lollipop stick in each.

Step 6

For Large Elves: Assemble following the medium Elf directions, with these changes. Legs are 2 1/8 in. long.