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Drop Strings

Precise measurements are vital to perfect stringwork. You will need to evenly divide your project with the cake dividing set and lightly mark the desired depth of each arc before you begin.

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Difficulty: Medium
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Step 1

With a toothpick, mark horizontal divisions on cake in the width you desire. Bag Position: shoulder level at 4:30 (7:30 for left hand decorating). Tip: lightly above the surface to attach. Touch tip to first mark and squeeze, pausing momentarily so that icing sticks to surface.

Step 2

While squeezing, pull the bag toward you. Continue squeezing to allow the icing to drape naturally into an arc. Icing will drop by itself--do not move the tip down with the string. The end of the tip should be the same distance from the surface as the width from point to point on your cake.

Step 3

Stop pressure before you touch tip to second mark to end string. Repeat, keeping drop strings uniform in length and width.

Step 4

Try a different color for each row of multiple drop strings-put holiday colors together to really dress up your cake. To add multiple rows of strings, mark the cake for the deepest row and pipe that row.

Step 5

Return to the first drop string point, squeeze the bag, and drop a string with a slightly shorter arc than in the first row.

Step 6

Join the end of this string to the end of the corresponding string in the first row. Repeat the process for a third row of drop strings above the second.