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The sequence of piping the Daffodil is the same for both the narcissus and the jonquil. These smaller flowers have white tip 103 petals—the narcissus features a yellow throat and red trim, jonquils have yellow centers.

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Difficulty: Somewhat Easy
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Step 1

(R) - Right hand. (L) - Left hand.

Attach a square of waxed paper on flat surface of flower nail with dot of icing.

Bag position: (R) For petals, 45° at 3:00. For center 90°. (L) For petals, 45° at 9:00. For center 90°. Tip: For petals, wide end lightly touching center of nail, narrow end pointing out and angled 1/8 to 1/4 in. above nail surface. Using steady pressure, move Tip 104 out about 1/2 inch back to center as you spin nail to the end of your finger, letting the spin of the nail form petal. Relax pressure, move tip back to starting point. Stop, lift tip away.

Step 2

The first three petals should cover half of your flower nail.

Step 3

Repeat to make three remaining petals. Edges of petals should be cupped slightly; pinch ends using fingers or decorator brush dipped in cornstarch.

Step 4

Hold flower nail stationary and hold bag slightly above flower. Pipe a tip 3 dot in the center of the flower. Then move in a circular motion, piping an open coil flower center, making sure the base of the coil is narrower than the top, like a megaphone or tornado shape. Stop, lift away.

Step 5

While turning nail, add tip 1 zigzag trim to top edge of coil. Dry in medium Flower Former.