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Covering the Cupcake Using Ganache, Candy Melts or poured icings

You can't go wrong with any of these delicious coatings. Each will give cupcakes, mini cakes and other baked goods a beautiful finish — choose the look you want for your event.

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Difficulty: Somewhat Easy
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Step 1

Place cooled cupcakes or mini cakes on cooling grid positioned over cookie sheet or pan.Cupcakes which will be covered completely should be turned bottom side up. If using Candy Melts, melt following package directions. If using icing, follow recipe directions to reach pouring consistency.

Step 2

Pour ganache, candy or icing on center of cupcake using pan or measuring cup. Or, pipe candy or icing from a cut decorating bag. Cover the cupcake completely, or use your coating as a glaze to simply cover tops and drip over the sides.

Step 3

Let set.