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Cornelli Lace

The perfect look for formal presentations, such as wedding and anniversary cupcakes. The precise, lacy design of this freehand technique depends on the continuous curving strings that do not overlap or touch.

4.8 Average of 56 ratings

Difficulty: Somewhat Easy
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Step 1

Fit the decorating bag with Round Decorating Tip 1 and fill 1/4 full with thin consistency icing. Hold the bag and tip slightly at 90° angle, close to cake without scraping cake with tip and without flattening icing strings.

Step 2

Beginning and ending at edges, pipe a continuous string of icing-curve it up, down and around until area is covered. Make certain strings never touch or cross. Don't leave any loose ends! Stop pressure, pull tip away. Try not to create a repeat pattern design by changing directions often. Try a Tip 2 for a slightly larger design, it will be easier on your hand too.

Hint: Wilton Whipped Icing Mix is great to use for cornelli lace: It's light and very easy to squeeze, especially if you have to cover a whole wedding cake in cornelli lace!