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Color Flow Decorations

Working with Color Flow


Difficulty: Somewhat Easy


Step 1

Trace your design pattern onto parchment paper, then tape paper onto a cake circle or the back of a cookie pan. Cover with waxed paper; smooth and tape. Using tip 2 and parchment bag half-filled with full-strength color flow, squeeze, pull and drop icing string following pattern outline. Stop, touch tip to surface and pull away. If you will be using the same color to fill in, let outline dry a few minutes until it "crusts."
To prevent bleeding of different colors, let outline dry 1-2 hours before filling in.

Step 2

Thin color flow mixture with water. Cut opening in parchment bag to the size of tip 2. Fill in design with thinned color flow.

Step 3

Let decorations air dry thoroughly, at least 48 hours. To remove, cut away waxed paper from board, then turn over and peel waxed paper off the color flow piece.

Step 4

Hint: For curved decorations, dry pieces on flower formers. To easily remove dried color flow, pull waxed paper backing over the edge of a table with one hand, while holding decoration with other hand. Waxed paper will pull off naturally. Or, with dried color flow resting on cookie sheet, place cardboard sheet over color flow, lift and turn over so that top of decoration rests on cardboard. Lift off waxed paper.

Step 5

Since any moist icing will break down color flow, either position color flow decorations on cake shortly before serving or place on sugar cubes, attaching with full-strength Color Flow.