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Clown Candy Face

It´s the big top for your cupcake - a jolly jester decorated on a candy face made in our Melting Plate.


Difficulty: Somewhat Easy


Step 1

Make fondant hat. Tint portions of white fondant blue. With fingers, shape into cone 1 in. high x 3/4 in. diameter at base. Let dry. Draw starburst designs with various color FoodWriter markers (red marker used here).

Step 2

Mold candy faces. Tint a portion of melted white candy skin tone using orange candy color. Fill Melting Plate cavities with candy using a cut parchment bag. Refrigerate until firm.

Step 3

Place faces on waxed paper-covered board. Decorate faces using melted candy in cut parchment bags Tint portions of melted white candy black, pink, red and orange using candy colors. Decorate black dot eyes and string mouth, pink dot cheeks, red dot nose, swirl hair in orange. Let set. Attach 4 in. Lollipop Sticks to faces with melted candy. Position hats and attach with melted candy. Let set. To add fringe on hat in yellow royal icing, hold Star Tip 14 at a 45° angle to surface and pipe pull-out stars.

For finishing cupcake as shown in picture, ice cupcake smooth in buttercream icing. Pipe a ruffle collar using Tip 127. Keep the wide end of the tip in the center of the iced cupcake and narrow end pointed towards the outer edge of cupcake. Squeeze and move the narrow end of the tip up and down to create the ruffle. Turn the cupcake as you would be turning a flower nail when making a rose. It's ok if you have to stop and reposition the cupcake to make a complete turn, just try to blend the ends together.