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Circus Clown

A Clown looks great sitting up or laying down! Use the basic upright or horizontal technique to position the body, add arms, legs and ruffles, then top him off with our Small Derby Clowns head pick.


Difficulty: Easy


Step 1

Make the body. Hold Star Decorating Tip 21 at a 90° angle to cake surface. Build up icing to form upright body, squeezing hard to build up a generous base, then slowly filling out the body by drawing the tip straight up until you reach the desired height. Stop squeezing, lift up and pull away.

Step 2

Pipe the legs. Hold Star Decorating Tip 21 at a 45° angle to cake surface. Insert tip into the front base of the body and draw the icing straight out. Add a small ball for each foot using Round Decorating Tip 3. You may vary the position of the legs: For bent legs, pull out legs straight up to the knee and back down again to the foot, or cross the legs back down again to the foot (bend the crossing leg at the knee for a natural look).

Step 3

Pipe the arms. Insert Star Decorating Tip 21 into the body at the shoulder, then squeeze as you draw the tip straight down and then across the body. Add a small ball for each hand and for buttons using Round Decorating Tip 3. Add details. Using Leaf Decorating Tip 67, pipe ruffles for arm and leg cuffs using a zigzag motion. For the head, insert a small derby clown head into the top of the body.