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Chrysanthemum (Mum)

The Chrysanthemum is a fall classic that’s easier to pipe than you would think. The secret to success--the curved opening of specialty tip #81 used with a simple leaf-making motion.

4.0 Average of 62 ratings

Difficulty: Medium
Average of 41 reviews


Step 1

Decorate with: Tip 5 for center mound, tip 81 for petals and stiff consistency icing royal icing. Use flower nail no. 7 with rose template from flower nail templates set covered with icing flower square. Hold bag at 90° angle to flower nail for center, 45° for petals.

Step 2

Attach icing flower square over template on flower nail with a dot of icing. Hold bag at 90° angle to flower nail. Pipe a tip 5 mound of orange royal icing on center circle of template.

Step 3

Insert tip 81 into mound (postioning half moon curve down), squeeze firmly and pull out to the second circle on the template (approx. ¼ in. long). Lift up and away slightly at a 45° angle as you release pressure for each petal. Repeat as needed to form first row of petals. Petals should extend only to second circle of template.

Step 4

Repeat, piping the next row of petals slightly shorter, positioning them between petals in first row. Pipe additional rows of petals a little shorter and remember to pull tips up slightly.

Step 5

Hint: This fall classic is easier to pipe than you might think. The secret to success—the curved opening of tip 81, piped with a simple petal-making motion.