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Christmas Trees

Grow a forest of Christmas Trees using ice cream cones as your base. Cut the cone to any size—just dampen to where the base will be and use a scissors or a small paring knife to cut around the cone.


Difficulty: Easy


Step 1

Attach pretzel rod inside sugar cone with royal icing. Pipe icing inside of cone and press pretzel into position. You could place the cone, point side down, in a glass to hold until icing is set, about 1 hour. The icing won't be completely dry, so handle carefully when you start to decorate the tree.

Step 2

Using Tip 75 with the wide, flat point of tip up with green icing, pipe a row of leaves, starting at the base of the cone. Hold the pretzel rod in your opposite hand and turn slowly as you pipe the leaves.

Step 3

Carefully loosen waxed paper from former and lift off icing tree. Remove paper; pipe icing inside tree to secure pretzel rod, let dry completely. Ice Cream Cones may be substituted for the tree former.

You could also make the trees completely on a waxed paper covered board, allowing them to dry and then attach them to the pretzel rods as needed.