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Candy Television


Step 1

Melt black candy. Mold screen in 9 in. x 13 in. x 2 in. pan. Fill to 3/8 in. deep; tap to settle, chill until firm. Mold candy base in large loaf pan. Fill to 1/2 in. deep.; tap to settle. Cut hidden pillar to 3 in. long. Stand in candy, centered and 1 in. from long side. Chill until firm. Unmold and remove pillar from candy base, leaving hole for candy pillar support.

Step 2

To make candy pillar support, tape a 3 in. pillar length to a full 6 in. pillar with masking tape, creating a 9 in. length. Be sure to line up ridges.

Step 3

Pipe a puddle of candy on waxed paper and stand pillar in puddle. Chill until set. Fill with melted candy using a cut disposable bag. Tap to settle; chill until firm.

Using a wooden spoon handle, carefully push candy pillar out of hidden pillar.

Step 4

Attach candy pillar to center back of screen using melted candy, extending 3 in. beyond bottom of screen. Let set.

Step 5

Insert into candy base, securing with melted candy. Let set.

Step 6

For screen, place white edible paper over pattern. Use black edible marker to trace design. Paint details using edible colors (add white for lighter shades). Brush screen with piping gel and attach paper.

Mold controller using geometric cutter from classic set. Place cutter on non-stick pan; fill to 3/8 in. deep. Tap to settle, chill until firm. Bring to room temperature and cut shape horizontally in half. Attach two lollipop sticks with melted candy to back of pointed ends, extending 3 in. to insert into cake.