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Candy Clay Petite Blooms


Step 1

Make candy clay recipe and allow to rest several hours or overnight according to directions. Tint portions of candy clay yellow and pink using candy colors. Roll out candy clay 1/16 in. thick on practice board included in kit. Cut out flowers using Apple Blossom Cutter in Gum Paste Floral Collection Flower Making Set.

Step 2

Use wooden modeling tool with rounded edge (included in kit) or ball tool from Fondant/Gum Paste Tool Set and thick foam square (included in kit) and gently press/indent centers of flowers to shape. Set aside to dry.

Step 3

Position blooms on cake. Using cut parchment bag and melted White Candy Melts®, add dot centers.

To finish off flowers on a cake or project, tint a small portion of melted white Candy Melts green using green candy color. To thin for piping, add one drop of water at a time to a small amount of candy; pipe Tip 349 leaves.

If you need smaller flowers, use the Forget-me-not cutter and for larger flowers, use the Pansy Cutter included in the kit.

Step 4

*Brand Confectionery coating.