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Calla Lily

Cut, shape and dry beautiful gum paste calla lilies with the cutter and formers in this set. These step-by-step instructions make it easy!


Difficulty: Somewhat Easy


Step 1

Coat Roll & Cut Mat with a thin film of shortening. Roll out a small piece of white gum paste less than 1/16 in. thick using Rolling Pin with pink Guide Rings. Cut with Calla Lily Cutter.

Step 2

Move to thin foam. Use the ball tool from 10-Pc. Set to thin edges. Hold the ball tool like a pencil and position it on the foam, just touching the edge of the gum paste. Slide the ball tool around the petal, keeping it mostly on the foam, to "outline" the petal. The ball tool should only touch the petal edge.

Step 3

Dust Calla Lily Former with confectioners' sugar or cornstarch to avoid sticking. Position former over petal with the wide end toward the point of the petal and the pointed end of the former at the indented end of the petal.

Step 4

Wrap one side of the petal around the former. Brush edge of rounded portion with gum glue adhesive.

Step 5

Wrap the other side of petal so it overlaps the first petal and attach to make a cone-shaped flower. With finger tip gently curl the edge of the overlapping petal. Stand former upright and set aside to dry.

Step 6

Spread a thin film of shortening on the Roll & Cut Mat. Roll out a small amount of yellow gum paste 1/8 in. thick (use purple guide rings). Cut a circle with medium Round Cut-Out.

Step 7

Cut circle in half. Use one half to make the center.

Step 8

Roll into a ball and elongate to about 1 1/4 in. long for the Calla Lily center.

Step 9

Brush the top 3/4 of the center with gum glue adhesive and roll in Yellow Colored Sugar. Set aside to partially dry.

Step 10

Spread a thin film of shortening on the Roll & Cut Mat. Roll out a small amount of green gum paste less than 1/16 in. thick (use pink guide rings). Use the medium Round Cut-Out to cut one circle. Circle size is 13/8 in. diameter.

Step 11

Cut the gum paste circle in half. Brush a small amount of gum glue adhesive on one of the half circles.

Step 12

Using the half circle, position the center of the flat edge so it overhangs the point of the cone on the side opposite the seam of the flower; the rounded edge is on the flower. Wrap around the base of the calla lily and press gently to attach. Try to line up the overlap of the calyx with the overlap of the flower. Set aside to dry.

Step 13

For a more realistic look, brush the outside of the Calla Lily with green Pearl Dust beginning at the calyx and gradually fading in color as you reach the top of the flower.

Step 14

Brush gum glue on the bottom of Calla Lily center. Insert center (spadix) into flower and gently press to attach.