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The cactus is a must-have for western themed cakes, and it couldn’t be easier. Elongated shells come together, topped by pull-out needles. We used tip 199 for great texture.


Difficulty: Easy


Step 1

Using Open Star Decorating Tip 199, pipe L-shaped and reverse L-shaped elongated shells for arms using green icing, leaving 1/2 in. space between ends.

Step 2

Using Open Star Decorating Tip 199 and heavy pressure, pipe elongated shell center stalk using green icing. Gradually ease off pressure to taper shape; stop and pull back to shape pointed end.

Step 3

Using Round Decorating Tip 2 add pull-out needles with brown icing. If brown icing is too soft to stand out for needles, thicken with confectioners' sugar until stiff.