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Bluebells are a smaller, slightly shallower version of the lily, made in the smaller 1 1/4 in. lily nail. Pipe them in white, pink yellow or the traditional blue.


Difficulty: Medium


Step 1

Line 1 1/4 in. nail with foil. Bag Position: 45┬░at 3:00 (9:00). Hold tip lightly touching surface down in the center of nail, with wide opening parallel to side of nail. Using tip 66, pipe three 3/4 inch long petals, pulling only to top of nail.

Step 2

Add three more petals in the open spaces; the petals will overlap slightly.

Step 3

Add tip 2 dot for center and insert three short stamens, approximately 1/2 in. long. Carefully remove foil from lily nail and set aside to dry completely. When dry, carefully peel foil from back of flower.

Step 4

Note: Stamens are not to be eaten.