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Bachelor Button

The handsome Bachelor Button is an excellent choice on men's cakes and in summer floral arrangements. They look terrific in blue, white, pink or lavender.


Difficulty: Somewhat Easy


Step 1

Tint medium consistency icing two shades of petal color (if desired). Fit one decorating bag with coupler and round decorating tip 5 and fill 1/2 full or less with darker tinted icing. Fit second decorating bag with round decorating tip 1 and fill 1/4 full or less with lighter shade of tinted icing.

Step 2

Using a dot of icing, attach icing flower square to flower nail.

Step 3

Hold the decorating bag with tip 5 at a 90° angle to the flower nail with the tip 1/4 in. above the surface. Squeeze the decorating bag applying a steady, even pressure, holding the tip point slightly in the icing to pipe a dot the size of the larger circle of the about 1/2 in. diameter, to form the base. Stop squeezing, pull tip up and to the side, circling the dot to eliminate any point.

Step 4

Hold the decorating bag with tip 1 at a 90° angle to icing dot. Pipe a 1/8 in. cluster of pull-out dots 1/4-3/8 in. long in the center.

Step 5

Place decorating tip 16 on decorating bag with darker tinted icing. Hold the decorating bag at a 90° angle to the base. Pipe stars all around base, starting at the outer edge. Continue piping stars working up from the base. Stars should be placed between the stars of the previous row. Gradually move the decorating bag so that each row angles upward a little more than the row below it, covering the base.

Step 6


There are typically only 2-3 rows of stars on a bachelor button.

For a quick flower center, substitute Specialty Decorator Tip 233 for Tip 1.