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Apple Blossoms

This springtime flower is virtually the same as the wild rose, but uses a smaller tip. Pipe apple blossoms about the size of a penny and dry them on flower formers.

4.7 Average of 159 ratings

Difficulty: Somewhat Easy
Average of 121 reviews


Step 1

For petals: Use tip 101. Wide end of tip is lightly touching the center of the nail. The narrow end of tip is pointing out and angled 1/8 in. above the nail surface.

Step 2

Squeeze bag with light pressure and move tip out along the dotted line of the template as you spin nail to form first 1/4 in. petal. Relax pressure, move tip back to the starting point.

Step 3

Repeat to make four more tip 101 petals.

Step 4

For center: Use tip 1. Tip is slightly above the flower. Add five tip 1 dots, one in the center and four around the center dot. Dry in Flower Former.