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Bake Decorate Celebrate!™ Series - DVD

Bake Decorate Celebrate!™ Series  - DVD
It’s the ultimate introduction to cake and dessert decorating on video! Each boxed set includes a complete 13-episode season of the popular Telly Award-winning PBS series, which makes it easy for anyone to create something great to serve. In every episode, hosts Nancy Siler and Melanie Glasscock focus on a specific theme, such as Kids Birthdays, Shaped Pans or Whimsical Cupcakes. They’ll decorate specialty projects based on that theme and give you related decorating ideas to make the celebration complete. Special segments in each episode include Decorating Basics, featuring essential techniques, and Decorating Tips, with a variety of designs made using one specific tip.
Each set includes 4 discs, approx. 6 hours total.