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Candy Clay


Step 1

Melt Candy Melts® following package directions.

Step 2

Add corn syrup and stir to blend.

Step 3

Turn out mixture onto waxed paper and let set at room temperature to dry.

Step 4

Wrap well and store at room temperature until needed.

Candy clay handles best if hardened overnight.

Step 5

To Use

Candy clay will be very hard at the start; knead a small portion at a time until workable. If candy clay gets too soft, set aside at room temperature or refrigerate briefly. When rolling out candy clay, sprinkle work surface with cornstarch or cocoa (for cocoa clay) to prevent sticking; roll to approximately 1/8 in. thick.

To Tint

White candy clay may be tinted using Candy Color. Knead in color until well blended.

To Store

Prepared candy clay will last for several weeks at room temperature in an airtight container.

*Brand confectionery coating.