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Celebrate! with Fondant

Celebrate! with Fondant

You may have seen fondant cakes before, but you’ve never seen fondant cakes like these!

Celebrate!® with Fondant is the first book to feature fondant done the Wilton way- using our exciting cake designs, step-by-step instructions and convenient fondant products. Celebrate!® with Fondant makes fondant cakes easy and fun for everyone.

Rolled fondant is the flexible, easy-to-shape icing that lets you do it all: Create easy heart or flower cut-outs and simple hand shaped ball or ruffle borders. Impress your guests with fun figures like clowns and dolls or spectacular floral bouquets and embossed accents. If you loved playing with clay as a kid, you’ll love decorating with fondant now! You can roll it and cut it, imprint designs, create dazzling color effects and form it into just about any shape.

Celebrate!® with Fondant is the perfect place to explore all the decorating possibilities. In this book, you’ll see how to make more than 40 terrific cakes, step by step. You’ll create a bold boombox for boys, complete with dials and disks. Build a charming dollhouse tea party scene for girls, right down to the cups and saucers. Serve shower guests individual mini-hearts, each decorated with different colors, flowers and cut-outs. You’ll find alternate ways to decorate every design, along with suggestions for the perfect occasions to serve them.

Best of all, using Celebrate!® with Fondant, you can make a great fondant cake your very first time. Cakes are organized from easy to elaborate, to help you build your fondant skills as you create the perfect cake for your celebration. With this book, you will see why fondant is the easiest icing for decorating, and discover how to use fondant to make your most exciting party cakes ever.

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