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Get ready for the most stick-tacular treats that ever popped up at a party! It’s time for pops — grabbable goodies on a stick you’ll love to dip, decorate and devour. With pops, traditional favorites like cake, cookies, brownies and cereal treats break away from the plate and stand up to join the celebration. Eyes will pop and jaws will drop when your guests see the sensational designs on display.

Introduction to pops

Introduction to pops

If you can stick it on a stick — it’s a pop! Your favorite sweet treats are more fun to eat when you can just grab them and enjoy. The fun factor really goes off the charts when you decorate them with colorful candy and sprinkles!

Making pops

Making a pop

With only a few kitchen basics, you’ ll have all you need to bake up a batch of pops.

Pops ideas

:Pops ideas

Think small when you’re planning your next celebration. You’re about to discover that all the fun of a big decorated treats can fit on the end of a stick!

Pops recipes

Pops recipes

Pops are even more fun to eat when they taste so amazing!

Pops! Publication

Pops! Treats on a Stick

Get ready for the most stick-tacular treats that ever popped up at a party!

Decorating Pops

Decorating pops

Time to give your pops the finishing touches that make them unforgettable! In a few easy steps, you’ll create fun special effects using icing, candy, fondant and Sprinkles. Even if it’s your first time decorating, you’ll be amazed how great your treats will look!

Display and presenting pops

Display and Presenting Pops

The power of pops can’t be contained! However, we can offer many great ways to present pops gifts that show off your delightful designs at their best.

Discuss pops

Shop Pops

Shop pops

Choose from a great selection of Wilton pops products, and you will be ready to bake, decorate and present the best pops treats imaginable!