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Infants Love Elephants! Cake

Turn a Teddy Bear Pan cake into an endearing elephant. We provide the patterns for creating cookie ears and trunk and instructions for using piped icing to fashion stuffed-animal fur and stitching.


Difficulty: No Reviews


Step 1

In advance: Make trunk and ears. Prepare and roll out cookie dough. Use pattern to cut out trunk and 2 ears (flip pattern for 2nd ear). Bake and cool. Attach Lollipop Sticks to back of ears using melted candy; allow 2 in. to extend at bottom to insert into cake. Let set.

Step 2

Bake and cool cake. Trim ear areas to 1 in. high; trim edges as needed to match shape of cookie ears. Ice smooth inside of ears and trunk opening on cookies and paw pads on cake.

Step 3

Pipe tip 5 dot eyes; flatten slightly with fingertip dipped in cornstarch. Add tip 2 dot highlights.

Step 4

Cover cake with tip 16 stars; position trunk and ear cookies and trim with tip 16 stars. Add tip 2 outline stitching details.

*Combine Violet with Pink and Royal Blue for violet shown. Combine Pink with Royal Blue for pink shown. Combine Brown with Red-Red for brown shown.