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You Are My Sunshine Cookies

Delightful garden is planted with heart-shaped cookie pop flowers! A smiling sun, bee and center message heart complete the scene.


Difficulty: No Reviews


Step 1

Roll out cookie dough and use heart cutters to cut eight cookies in smallest size, four cookies in 2nd smallest size, one cookie each in 3rd smallest and largest sizes. Bake and cool.

Step 2

For sun (3rd smallest) and sky (largest) cookies, thin down icing with corn syrup, place cookies on cooling grid over cookie sheet and pour on cookies.

Step 3

Let dry before decorating. For sun, pipe tip 16 pull-out star rays; pipe tip 3 bead heart sunglasses and string mouth.

Step 4

For sky, pipe tip 1 motion lines and message. Let dry.

Step 5

For seven flower (smallest) cookies, pipe tip 6 bead petals and tip 4 bead heart centers. For four cloud (2nd smallest) cookies, soften icing with a little corn syrup and pipe tip 7 fluffy heart clouds. For bee (smallest) cookie, ice smooth. Pipe in tip 6 bead body, tip 4 dot head, tip 1 pull-out antennae and tip 3 stripes and tail. Attach cookies to sticks using tip 6 and royal icing; trim sticks to desired lengths.

Step 6

Wrap craft block circle with ribbon and glue in place with glue gun. Insert cookies on sticks in circle. Cut and curl varying lengths of ribbon and position on circle with glue.