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Write Your Own Drama Castle Cake

Write your own drama with this storybook cake. Our Romantic Castle Cake Set and, Two Mix Book Pan provides the details guaranteed to create a fairytale ending.


Difficulty: Somewhat Easy


Step 1

One day in advance, decorate turret towers and turret peaks and make flowers.

Step 2

Ice 4 small and 1 medium turret from Romantic Castle Cake Set smooth with pink royal icing and sprinkle with Cake Sparkles™. Outline windows on turret towers with tip 4 royal icing and sprinkle with Cake Sparkles™; let dry. Use royal icing and tip 225 to make 23 pink and 23 violet drop flowers with tip 3 white royal icing dot centers; let dry.

Step 3

Cut foam core board 18 in. wide x 14 in. high and cover with Fanci-Foil Wrap. Tint 30 oz. of fondant brown, roll to 1/4 in. thickness and cover board that has been brushed with piping gel. Set aside.

Step 4

Bake and cool Mini Tasty-Fill™ cake and position on foil-covered 6 in. cake board. Lightly ice cake with buttercream icing and cover with fondant.

Step 5

Bake and cool book cake. Ice top and sides of cake smooth with buttercream. Cover top of cake with fondant. Comb sides of cake with small-tooth side of decorating comb. Grate chalk through a tea strainer and use decorating brush to apply chalk around top border of pages. Cut hidden dowel rods to 2 3/4 in. and insert in book cake to support 6 in. cake board holding castle. Position turret towers around cake and attach with icing. Pipe tip 4 door and doorknobs with pink royal icing. Tint 8 oz. of fondant green, roll into assorted-sized balls and position around bottom of castle. Position castle on cake. Attach turret towers with icing. Pipe tip 2 vines around edge of cake and position flowers. Write tip 2 violet message. Pipe tip 6 bead bottom border.

*Note: Combine Rose and Violet for violet shown. Combine Brown and Red-Red for brown shown.