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Witch Is A Ghost! Cookies

You’ll take a shine to these ghosts! Wilton microwavable Cookie Icing goes on easily and dries to a smooth finish perfect for decorating.


Difficulty: Easy


Step 1

Bake and cool cookies. Place cookies on cooling grid positioned over cookie sheet. Cover cookie with white cookie icing and let dry on cooling grid.

Step 2

Thin a small amount of violet icing and pour over triangle-shaped corn snack on cooling grid; let dry.

Step 3

Roll spice drop flat on surface dusted with granulated sugar. Cut bristles in spice drop with craft knife and insert on end of pretzel stick. Pipe tip 3 green eyes and black pupils. Pipe tip 3 black mouth and orange tongue.

Step 4

Attach hat to cookie with icing. Pipe tip 102 violet hat brim. Pipe tip 3 orange band on hat and tip 2 yellow buckle. Attach broom with icing.

*Combine lemon yellow and leaf green icing colors for green shown.