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Wish We Were in Your Shoes! Cake


Step 1

Bake and cool 1-layer cake 2 in. high and 2-layer cake 5 in. high (bake two 2 1/2 in. high cakes).

Step 2

Ice 2-layer cake smooth and prepare for Stacked Construction on double-thick, foil-wrapped board. Cut mini cakes from 1-layer cake using round Comfort Grip cutter for bottom tier and large and medium Cut-Outs for top 2 tiers. Cover mini cakes with melted candy; let set. Stack mini cakes, securing with?dots of melted candy, position bottom tier on same-size foil-covered board. Pipe tip 4 bead bottom borders on top and middle tiers using buttercream icing. Using melted candy, pipe swag garland on all mini cakes. Set aside.

Step 3

On 2-layer cake, pipe tip 21 top shell and bottom rosette border. Pipe tip 4 message. Attach confetti sprinkles from assortment. At party: position 2-layer cake on stand; position mini cakes on cake top, secure with dot of icing. Pipe tip 4 bead bottom border on bottom tier of mini cake. Pipe tip 21 rosette candle holders; insert candles.