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Wilton Whipped Icing Mix


Step 1

Try Wilton Whipped Icing Mix for all your cakes and desserts. Each package makes 5 cups of icing, enough to ice and decorate one 2-layer 9 in. round cake or 7 x 11 in. sheet cake. This easy-to-make icing holds its shape like no other mix, so you can decorate cakes and other desserts beautifully. It's specially formulated for a smooth whipped texture and a delicate, delicious taste. Store covered in the refrigerator. You'll use Wilton Whipped Icing Mix to top pies, puddings, tarts, and much more.

Step 2

Chocolate Whipped Icing

Step 3

Chocolate can be made with our vanilla whipped icing by adding a 1/2 cup of unsweetened cocoa to the ice water and mix. Mix following package instructions. May add more liquid if too dry.