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Welcome to our Resting Place Candy

It’s a graveyard party with candy skeletons and tombstones lined up in a row. Delicious candy treats to get your guests in an hauntingly good mood for your Halloween Party.


Difficulty: Easy


Step 1

For tombstones, combine white and black candy to create gray. Fill molds and refrigerate to set. Use spooky green candy melts to mold bottom of R.I.P. tombstone.

Step 2

For skeletons, use a cut parchment bag with white candy to pipe bone details; refrigerate to set. Cover remainder of skeleton with light cocoa candy; refrigerate to set. Use largest round cut out to make disk stands for skeletons; place cut out on cookie sheet and fill with light cocoa candy; refrigerate to set; unmold. Attach skeleton to base with melted candy; let set.