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Vintage Romance Cake

Ganache is a smooth, chocolate-flavored glaze made from Candy Melts and heavy whipping cream. You pour it over your cake making it a great choice for irregular shapes and mini cakes.


Difficulty: Somewhat Difficult


Step 1

Prepare candy clay recipe at least 1 day in advance. Using candy clay, shape grape clusters, stems and tendrils by hand.

Step 2

Make chocolate leaves by painting melted Candy Melts on back of washed lemon leaves. Refrigerate until firm. When completely dry, carefully peel leaf from candy.

Step 3

Place cake on board cut to same size as cake. Prepare cake to be covered with ganache by icing smooth with light layer of buttercream icing. Place cake on cooling rack that has been positioned over cookie sheet. Pour ganache on cake and let set. Place cake on foil-covered board. Whip ganache, pipe Tip 10 bead bottom border. Position grape clusters, stems, tendrils and leaves on cake.