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Up for a Celebration! Cupcakes

Stand-up cupcakes featuring bunnies and chicks are sure to get your Easter crowd up on its feet! Bake them in our captivating Silly Feet!™ Silicone Baking Cups—they create a fun addition to your place settings.


Difficulty: Easy


Step 1

In advance: Make fondant pieces. Let all pieces dry on cornstarch-dusted surface. Trim lollipop sticks to 21/2?in. Attach ears and wings to sticks with thinned fondant adhesive. Let? set.

Step 2

Bake and cool cupcakes in silicone cups supported by cookie sheet. Using stiff buttercream and tip 2A, pipe head, building up for dimension; round with spatula. For bunny: Pipe tip 3 outline mouth and dot eyes; attach jelly bean nose with icing. Insert ears. For arms, trim lollipop sticks to 3 in. long. Roll 2 fondant logs, 1/2 x 1 in. Push stick into log until 1/2 in. is exposed at top; attach hand to end with fondant adhesive. Insert arms. For chick: Pipe tip 3 dot eyes. Cut orange spice drop in half; shape and cut each half into pointed beak. Cover with granulated sugar. Attach beak; insert ?hair and wings.

*Combine Lemon Yellow with Golden Yellow for yellow shown. Combine Brown with Red-Red for brown shown.