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Undersea World Cake

With an assortment of sea friends and a fleet of submarines, your guests will plunge into this cake! From the fish to the starfish to the waves, all the great details are made with colorful Sugar Sheets!


Difficulty: Somewhat Easy



Cake serves 20


Undersea World Cake - Periscope, Propeller, Periscope Base

Techniques Used


Step 1

Bake and cool two-layer cake. Place on foil-wrapped cake circle. Ice smooth with light blue buttercream.

Step 2

For border waves, use border punch with Scallop Border Cutting Insert to cut scallop border along short end of Bright Blue Sugar Sheets! Use the wave-shaped piece for the waves. Continue cutting to make 21 wave sections, about 3 3/4 in. wide. Brush strips with piping gel and attach to cake in three overlapping layers.

Step 3

To make starfish, use punch with Small Star Cutting Insert to cut 14 star chains from Bright Yellow Sugar Sheets! Using craft knife or scissors, cut out center star. Reserve remaining stars for another use. Using red FoodWriter, draw dots. Brush with piping gel and attach to cake.

Step 4

For submarines, use punch with Oval Cutting Insert to cut six ovals from Purple Sugar Sheets! Using the narrow end of tip 2A, cut two circles from White Sugar Sheets! for each submarine. Attach white circles to purple oval with piping gel.

Step 5

Using red FoodWriter, trace propeller and periscope patterns on back side (shiny side) of Black Sugar Sheets! Use same FoodWriter to trace periscope base pattern on back side of Bright Green Sugar Sheets! Cut out shapes with scissorsBrush back side of shapes with piping gel and attach to cake.

Step 6

For fish, use punch with Small Circle Cutting Insert to cut two circles each from Light Pink and Light Green Sugar Sheets! For fins, use punch with Small Heart Cutting Insert to cut three hearts for each fish from contrasting colors of Sugar Sheets! Attach hearts as top and tail fins using piping gel. Cut remaining heart in half and attach as side fin with piping gel.

Step 7

Using scissors or craft knife, cut lips from Sugar Sheets! colors. Attach with piping gel. For eyes, use narrow end of tip 10 to cut circles from White Sugar Sheets! Using black FoodWriter, draw pupil. Attach eye with piping gel. Brush back side of fish with piping gel and attach to cake.

Step 8

Insert candles in cake.