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Tulip Time Cupcakes


Step 1

1 day in advance, bake and cool tulip cookies using Roll-Out Cookie Recipe and tulip cutter. Place cookies on cooling grid over waxed paper. Prepare Color Flow Icing, tint pink, orange, and yellow. Outline using Disposable Decorating Bags fitted with Decorating Tip 3 and full strength Color Flow. Flow in using thin Color Flow. Let dry overnight.

Step 2

Bake cupcakes in White Mini Baking Cups. Cool completely on Cooling Grid.

Step 3

Prepare buttercream icing recipe. Tint green. Using Disposable Decorating Bag fitted with Decorating Tip 233, pipe pull-out grass on cupcake tops.

Step 4

Position cookies upright on cupcake tops. Position cupcakes on Decorated Egg and Treat Stand.