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Trees In Skirts! Candies

Look what's under the tree! When the candy-coated sugar cone tree is lifted away from its baking cup skirt, you'll find a jolly gift, molded in our Gifts Galore Lollipop Mold.

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Step 1

Using melted green candy in cut parchment bag, cover sugar cone. Tap cone on flat surface until candy is smooth; refrigerate until firm.

Step 2

Using melted yellow candy, mold star using mold from set; refrigerate until firm. Using melted yellow and white candy and painting method, make gifts in gift mold; refrigerate until firm.

Step 3

For tree skirt, flatten baking cup by pulling back and forth on the edge of a table; cut slit from edge to center to help cup lay flat. Tape slit. Using melted red candy and spatula, spread evenly over cup; refrigerate until firm.

Step 4

Peel off cup from candy skirt. Attach gift candy to skirt, mini chocolate dots and star to tree with melted candy.